Mobile Responsive Web Design

  1. […] Mobile responsive websites are a pillar of web design. With the increase in online shopping, this time of year it’s extremely important. Again, almost 20% of your annual sales are dependent upon holiday sales. While many online shoppers will be sitting in front of the computers shopping away drinking a cup of coffee, other shoppers will be in the stores browsing and Googling to find better prices and read product reviews. Updating your SEO is a must for this reason, however even outside of that, making sure your site is mobile responsive decreases the chances of potential buyers getting impatient with your site, and buying elsewhere. Even if you offer a better price point or product, a non-responsive website makes people question your credibility and could result in a loss of sales. […]

  2. […] huge deal, but certainly comes in handy. Shopify’s web building capabilities are also highly mobile responsive, meaning a Shopify website can load rather quickly on mobile devices. Shopify’s plans start at […]

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